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PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSWhen it comes to your website, we cannot overstate the importance of using professional photos. Great photos help create a positive first impression for potential new fans, as well as for industry and media.However, if the images on your website are low-resolution, badly cropped, poorly lit, or simply don’t fit your brand, chances are, people won’t take you or your music seriously. This might seem extreme, but when landing on your website for the first time, the photos are going to give people their first impression of your music.Be sure that your header and background images look great, and always have plenty of high-res options for industry and media in your digital press kit.2. WEBSITE ISN’T MOBILE-FRIENDLYIt’s a mobile...

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Pete Rock,Hank Shocklee, Lord Finesse & Ski Beatz-The dirty heartbeat of the golden age By Ben Detrick

In the summer of 1987, E-mu Systems released the SP-1200, a drum machine and sampler designed for dance-music producers. An update of a previous model known as the SP-12, the souped-up edition allowed for the recording and manipulation of a 10.07-second sample with gritty 12-bit sound quality—now you could craft a complete instrumental on one portable machine. Just as the Stradivarius or the Fender Stratocaster were standard-bearers by which other instruments were judged, the SP-1200 quickly became the tool of choice for East Coast beat-makers during rap's so-called "Golden Age," a period during the late '80s and early '90s, when sampling laws were still being meted out in courtrooms. Such artists as Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, Gang Starr, Main...

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Revelator- Business platform for digital music

revelator Bruno Guez has spent decades in the music business — he hosted a show on public radio, founded Quango Music Group and even worked as the creative director of music at Cirque de Soleil. Over that time, he said he’s watched as changes in the music industry outpaced the tools available to artists and labels. “There were no modern platforms for the B2B segment of the market,” Guez told me. “It was really very antiquated, with record labels and distributors … not integrating with cloud services to manage their assets.” Guez’s startup Revelator is working to fix that with a platform for distributing, selling and licensing music online. The company announced it has raised $2.5 million in Series A...

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